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Heather Beather How 2s: Christmas Martini


Time: 7 minutes

Difficulty (1-10) 2

What you’ll need:


Vanilla Vodka 1 1/2 oz

Tripple sec 1/2 oz

Peppermint Schnapps 1oz

Lime juice 5 squirts

Cranberry juice 3oz

Cinnamon 1-2 pinches

Candy canes or peppermints for garnish

Cocktail Shaker

Paper towels and plate

Ice cubes


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Adalia Rose

Okay so lately ive been seeing alot about this girl. Ive known about progeria for a while ive read up on it quite a bit in the past and the doctors office I did my internship at had a patient who had this disease. I dont know much about this particular girl but from what im understanding this girl has gotten very popular over the internet. Now whether thats because of her mother “exploting” her or its simply because of her positive attitude and general love for life  despite her illness why do people care so much? Meaning why are they getting so angry and worked up over the fact that shes gotten popular on line. How is that affecting you??? And your mad that people are calling her beautiful? Okay lets be real her outer appearance is not beautiful. But her personality and attitude is. Yes I understand she is not the only one with this disease yes I am aware that there is starving children in Africa. And not every one who is a fantastic singer gets famous. No every one who is awesome at baseball is a famous mlb player. That dosnt mean that people dont care about other people with issues. The starving kids in africa do not have facebook or computers for that matter so there really isnt a way for one of them to become well known so stop comparing the two. But even if all that is making you mad, even if her mom is “exploiting her”, even if people are giving her more recognition than she deserves… THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO MAKE FUN OF THIS GIRL. How dare you make fun of that poor child! What the hell is wrong with you? You type her name in google images and its mostly people making fun of her. Everyone who made those pictures or comments them laughing is sick. Your sick in the head and need help. This is an innocent child with a disease that is going to KILL her. Do you realise how hard her life is? OHHH BUT SHE HAS MONEY AND SHE GETS FOOD AND TOYS! ….so what!? Have you seen her? Do you know what she is going through???? She will never fall in love, get married, have babies. Shes never going to have a normal life and your going to make fun of her? Do you really think she deserves that???? kill yourself you miserable fuck

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Holy trinity of squishiness.


Holy trinity of squishiness.

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Samantha Jones was Skrillex before Skrillex was Skrillex.


Samantha Jones was Skrillex before Skrillex was Skrillex.

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